Altunkaya Group of Companies was opened to the world market with close to 2000 products and 7 different brands offered with a quality and reliability mission in the food industry. Proud to be a company advancing with targets in line with Turkey's targets, Altunkaya, under its giant brand in the food industry, Altunsa, has been exporting its range of more than 1000 products in the level to meet all kitchen requirements to more than 40 countries, mainly in the Middle East. Increasing  with each passing day the market share and the number of countries to which  it exports of its products of which 95 % are exported, Altunkaya Group of Companies, pursuing to be recognized as an international and leader Turkish food and beverage company, contributes to the national economy. 

As the plant of Altunkaya Group of Companies which makes investments in the food and beverage business, Altunsa Gıda, which was started to operate in 2005, beginning with powdered drink products has expanded its product range up to coffee products. Mahmood Coffee, which is one of the biggest brands in the Middle East countries, is produced by Altunsa Gıda, and by providing the best service in its class, is building strong partnerships with customers. ( )

Lidersan Gıda, which is one of the largest 2 production facilities belonging to Altunkaya Group, became operational in 2007 and has a product range of nearly 200 varieties in 180,000 tons / year of solid and liquid oil production capacity. It defines a task to respect consumer health in stable and sustainable growth process and operates as a company respecting to the environment.

Rapidly growing in the food industry, Altunkaya ensures customer satisfaction and proudly bears the name of Turkey in the export market by producing quality and safe products appropriate to the national and international standards with its Altunsa branded products.